Book Design

Interior Page Layouts

Basic composition and layout: $5/page
Simple tables: $8/table. Fancy tables: quoted individually
Images: $6/image (minor corrections and placement)
Font purchasing: depends on font choice (free fonts are not acceptable, all fonts must have a commercial licence)

Special Layouts:

Fiction Layouts: (Up to 100k words, and less than 50 chapters): $500
Longer Fiction Layouts: $750

All layouts include:

  • Custom interior design including page margins, trim, bleed and page alignment
  • Page items: Headers and page numbering
  • Fonts: Selection of suitable fonts, co-ordinating with cover when possible
  • Consistency of headers, chapter starts, page setup, page balancing, proper order, kerning, and leading, spacing, lists, numbers
  • Indentation and hyphenation. Conversion of bold/underlining to italics (industry standard)
  • Tables and Images: cell styling to display information to ensure readability, sizing and adjusting images
  • Widows and orphans: adjustments made to minimize widow and orphan events
  • PDF creation: specific to your printer

Content corrections: $65/hour. Corrections to text after layout. Any errors introduced by the layout process will be completed at no charge.

Placement of index: included in page fees, but it was recommend that it is compiled by a professional indexer. Indexing an art.

Epub: Depending on the layout, ebook files may be generated and provided as a validated epub file and a mobi/kindle file. Prices vary depending on complexity (relfowable and fixed layout available).

Source Files:
Once completed and approved, the source file (InDesign) can be provided to you with all associated files.

A 50% deposit will be required to begin the project, based on an estimated page count.
You will need to provide a Word or equivalent file (rtf compatible).
Project turnaround time: will vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Your input will be required regularly to proof the project. Multiple proofs will be required to ensure that the entire project meets with professional standards.

How long will it take?
There’s no way to say. Some files are quick and easy, usually fiction with no fancy formatting. Others are exceedingly complicated that take weeks. It depends on how clean a file is, how many changes need to be done, and how difficult the layout is. The important thing is that it is done right.

Creating a book is a collaborative process. I take your manuscript and work with you to create the book you envision. I guide you through the process to ensure that the book created is up to the small press standards at various book sellers, while meeting printer standards.


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