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About Book Cover Express Book Cover Express

One of our covers in Barnes and Noble.

Book Cover Express is a well-established, award-winning book cover design service that has been in operation since Dec., 1999. All cover designs are created by company owner, Cathi Stevenson (that’s me). Since opening, I’ve created about 2,500 book covers for indie authors, self-publishers, small presses, university presses, larger publishing companies, life coaches, business professionals, corporations…you name it.

Nonfiction book cover design is my specialty, but I also design fiction book covers. In fact, one of my fiction covers was recently seen face-out on the shelves at a Barnes and Noble.

Nonfiction Book Cover Design

I’ve designed nonfiction book covers for many well-known people and publishers, including The American Academy of Pediatrics,  best-selling author and Oprah’s life coach, Martha Beck, and international best-selling author Alan Mesher.

About Book Cover Express Book Cover Express

About Book Cover Express Book Cover Express

Full-Service Book Design & Web Design

Interior formatting for both print and eBooks is done by my associate, Gwen, who I’ve worked with for many years. The web design guru on this team is Stephanie at Indies on the I have worked on countless projects with both of these professionals and can’t recommend their expertise and dedication to customer service enough. They’re simply the best.

Both Gwen and I have created hundreds of books for IngramSpark / LightningSource and CreateSpace, as well as countless other POD publishing and print houses in the USA, Canada, the UK and Spain. We’re both experienced in digital and offset printing, and have embraced the news world of paperless publishing with open arms.

Book Cover Express offers authors and publishers top quality design that will not only ace the glance test, but take your professional reputation to a new level.

Book Cover Express clients have been featured in numerous high-profile media sources including Oprah, 48-Hours, People Magazine and the Today show.

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